IT Incidents

 JRPARIS consulting services for improving IT incidents

IT Outsourcing

Jrparis IT Outsourcing consulting services

IT Infrastructure

 JRPARIS consulting services to build a reliable infrastructure with cloud agility

IT Transformation

 JRparis consulting services for transforming the entreprise using IT

IT Architecture

Jrparis IT Architecture services

IT Audit

 JRparis consulting services for maximalizing the IT audits

IT Security

JRPARIS consulting services for managing your IT security


Secure your digital project by increasing the value of your IT

The independent firm JRPARIS, performs IT consulting services, with a particular focus on lifting the brakes on digital approaches, including:

  • How to open your e-commerce sites 24/24 without multiplying the operating teams?
  • Accelerate digital projects without undermining quality of service


Information Systems consulting

Align IT Organization with Digital objectives

Optimize IT budget with 3 Years Plan

Conduct team mergers, subsidiaries carve-outs

IT Management

Manage transformation of IT Operations

CIO / CTO Interim management (small and medium structures)

Set up indicators and dashboards

Manage IT operational relationships with business

IT Operations

Set-up and update accurate operational documentation

Improve ITIL processes

Move Datacenters

IT Infrastructure


Improve reliability


Select outsourcers, finalize contracts

Manage Service Delivery

Solve issues


Coach architects, project managers

Write architectural files, update cartographies

Implement architectural reviews

IT Audits

Audit architectures and IT processes

Audit IT organizations and sites

Prepare certifications


EBIOS risk analysis, ...

Manage IS Security – CISO Interim management

Define Security Policies

Disaster Recovery

Draft emergency plans

Implement solutions

Prepare and conduct exercises



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